Masking Study #3

for performer(s) and single-channel digital audio

Like the second masking study, this piece was originally conceived for a single percussionist:
alternating sections of pulses on claves and long rolls with sticks on a snare drum (snares off).
It can be performed by any small grouping of musicians who are similarly able to match pulses and play sustained tones or drones.
Pulse sounds and drone sounds should be similar, but not necessarily the same.
Throughout the piece, amplitude (volume) of acoustic sources should roughly match that of the electronic source.
The idea is that electronic and acoustic sources blend with or mask one another.
Place the speaker as close as possible to the acoustic sound sources while avoiding loud sympathetic resonance.
The first part of the piece is broken into segments of 43.4 and 86.8 seconds, periods derived from decimal subdivisions of the day.
The second part consists of 30- and 60-second segments.
The visual score below shows the structure of the piece.
I find it easier and more rewarding to perform by simply following the audio track and playing along.
Try to be as precise as possible, but relaxed, in matching the track. If a few hits or moments escape you, that's fine.

Visual score

Audio track (download)

Jordan Topiel Paul
March 2019