Masking Study #2

for performer(s) and single-channel digital audio

This piece was originally conceived for a single percussionist:
alternating sections of pulses on claves and long rolls with sticks on a snare drum (snares off).
Varying durations of pauses (odd roman numerals below) separate each section (even).
It can be performed by any small grouping of musicians who are similarly
able to match pulses and play sustained tones or drones.
Throughout the piece, amplitude (volume) of acoustic sources should roughly match that of the electronic source.
The idea is that electronic and acoustic sources blend with or mask one another.
Place the speaker as close as possible to the acoustic sound sources while avoiding loud sympathetic resonance.

(values in parentheses are section durations, not time markings)

I: Rest (43")

II: Pulse fades in and continues (1'56")

III: Rest (1'16")

IV: Begin drone, digital track fades in (6'18")

V: Rest (18")

VI: Pulse (1'28")

VII: Rest (17")

VIII: Drone (6'00")

IX: Rest (18")

X: Pulse fast, then slow, separated with an 8 second pause (1'55")


Visual score

Audio track (download)

Jordan Topiel Paul
January 2019