USA: six four six seven fifty five fifteen sixteen
MX: cinco cinco cuatro cinco cuatro uno cero dos cuarenta y cuatro
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A few events:

September 1985 Born, New York City. Within a year or two moved with family to Chappaqua, NY.

1992 Began studying percussion.

2003-2010 Worked intermittently, then briefly full-time, at NYU's Brain Research Laboratories. Then lost interest in science.

2004-2011 Programmer at WKCR-FM, mostly in Jazz and New Music Departments. Served as Publicity Director in 2006 and Station Manager in 2007.

2006-2008 Played drums, percussion and electronics in the electro-acoustic improvising outfit "The Groits" with Eric Laska, Reed Rosenberg and Justin Frye.

May 2008 Graduated with B.A. in music from Columbia University. Studied composition with George Lewis. Took classes from Tristan Murail and Luke DuBois among others. On graduating, began working in public elementary education in New York City.

September 2008 Joined committee of artists maintaining and curating Diapason Gallery, Brooklyn.

April 2011 By complete coincidence, met Grandmaster Wang Rengang of the International Dachengdao School (Kung Fu) in Elmurst, Queens and immediately began studying with him. Continue to study and teach classes.

June 2012 Began working at the day job that I call "Cigarette Life."

November 2013 First visit to and performance in Mexico City. By April of 2014 began to spend large portions of the year there.

July 2021 Moved from Mexico back to Queens, NY, USA.

April 2022 Began apprenticing as an arborist under Alec Baxt